About Us

A Seabillie is a person that frequents the ocean. This person has a vibrant soul full of untold stories. Brimming with shanties. Their skin is often toughened from the salt in the water they work on. Sebillies are pioneers in an ever changing environment. The very essence of a Seabillie is saltiness. They gauge their lives by scars. They are proud of their life and have no regrets. They are marked by society as adventurous . They are dreamers of becoming great and are content with here and now. A Seabillie in essence is  everyone who has a love for the water.

-What makes you a Seabillie? Have you felt a wave crash on you? Have you touched the beach with your bare feet? Have you gazed across the expanse of water wondering who is looking back on the other side? Have you ever kept watch on a bridge, timed waves, watched a storm roll in, been in hurricane winds, touched a sea creature, seen something that you cannot explain?

-Why?  You are drawn to the ocean. It calls to your soul, your love. You come from a long line of great Seabillies, pioneers of water. These people took the time to show you your passion for the water and guided you to it. They make it known that there is no other way of life no turning back. Your ancestor’s steamed planks, sewed sails, use oakum and tared seams in hulls. They spent time making livings harvesting, utilizing, and tilling its wave troughs and peaks! 

Live well! Live Free! 

Captain S.B.