Fine Jelly Fish Art

David J Gross

Fine Jelly Fish Art

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David J. Gross

Artist Statement/ Biography



Water has been the greatest influence on my life and work, from the small lakes and rivers, where I spent my initial seventeen years in Southern Minnesota. Then to Duluth, Minnesota where I studied art at the University of Minnesota, overlooking a freshwater sea. And finally arriving in Sitka, Alaska on an island in the North Pacific, where I have currently live and work, creating art and guiding in the charter fishing industry.  Not to say that the people I’ve met along the way have not made an impact, I am grateful to all my family and friends for their guidance and support. 

The existence of us all is dependent on this single element.   From unseen, overlooked organisms to the largest animals on this planet all find their places, are nurtured and free until they perish and are returned.  In my art I aim to look at and realize the importance of it all, these lives and ecosystems that are quickly being changed to accommodate our own growth.  There are forces more powerful than the human race.


between the deteriorating affect we have on the natural environment, and this environment itself.


David J. Gross was born in 1978 to David and Mary Gross and raised in the small farming community of Springfield, Minnesota.  He moved to Duluth, Minnesota in 1996, upon graduation from Springfield High School, to attend the University of Minnesota.  In 2001 he received a BFA in Studio Art with an emphasis on painting and photography.  Currently David lives eight months of the year at Washington Studios Artist Cooperative in Duluth and the remainder (mid-May- mid-September) working in the charter fishing industry out of Sitka, Alaska.

The majority of my pieces are fairly large paintings which combine various recycled materials with both oil and acrylic mediums.  In terms of style, the work probably best fits into the Abstract Expressionist genre however my influences are much broader, ranging from Native American Art to contemporary photography.  In my work I try to juxtapose natural forms and textures with more hard-edged geometric shapes to show the relationship